Badaa Bandee Mochana

Badaa Bandee Mochana

May Mother Bhavani always be on my right side and Lord Ganesh in front of me. May Mother Bhavani and Lord Ganesha together with Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesha all protect me. Stuti

All glories to Adi Bhavani who brings about the welfare of the devas and whose name means “The annihilator of the demons”. Hail to Ma Adi Kumari who rides on the lion and whom even Shree Raam worships. Please Shivaraani the creator and the
benefactor of the three worlds, do fulfil all my desires.

The glory and powers of Mother Bandi are difficult to realise. Its unlimited and cannot be described by the human mouth. Whenever some misfortune falls upon me, O Mother Bandi do come to my aid.

O Mother Bandi, I meditate on you and chant your name. Kindly bestow knowledge and wisdom on me as I do your chant your name. Your name itself is Mother Bandi. Please come to the aid of the one who is your own. When she created the three worlds she was given the name Bandi. The Devas, Devi’s, Nagas, Sages, and Deities all serve Mother Bandi. The glory of Mother Bandi is beyond understanding and limitless. She gives support when difficulty arises. Whosever continuously meditates on Mother Bandi they are always blessed with well-being. O Mother Bandi, you are the Adi Bhavani. Her thousand Kalas are recounted by all people.

He on whose home Mother Bandi is present as a Deity his house is full of happiness. All his miseries and dilemmas are removed and he is freed from the snares of Lord Yamaraja. The person who is facing great hardships, should daily listen to or read the katha of Mother Bandi. He would definitely be relieved from the difficulty says Lord Mahadeva. The wife of Lord Shiva, Mother Bhavani who is endowed with thousands of Rays and who is the store house of good behaviour and merits. He who recites this katha daily, in his/her home Mother Lakshmi recides in that home. Mother Bandi is the destroyer of the enemies and she illuminates the world with bright lights.

She becomes the rescuer of the world, her Lilas are beyond grasp of mere understanding and is unlimited. She is the giver of wealthand sons and rescues one from difficulties. The whole world chants the name of Mother Bandi. When misfortune strikes Mother Bandi comes to the rescue. He/She who recites the katha of Mother Bandi with his/her entire mind on it. Mother Bandi becomes helpful to him/her. Her thousands of rays and brilliant glow are spreading the lustre in the three worlds. She alone is poor, she alone is wealthy. She alone is hard and she alone only is meritorious. She is the bestower of knowledge; she alone is the Mother of the three worlds. Mother Bandi accepts the worship in every home and as one chants her name she bestows abundance and wealth. In the home where Mother Lakshmi is worshipped and her katha is recited with concentration, the residents are definitely happy and blessed with a vision in this world only.

Mother Bhavani becomes pleased with him. Lord Mahadeva describing her Lilas said this, “There is no other glory in this world. She alone has created the whole world; she only has brought about the destruction of the demons. Her Bhajans are is sung in the 64 Yojanas and the Bhutas and the Pretas are beating drums Such is Mother Bandi whose fame has come down to this world. Without her no sacrifice or chanting is possible, whosoever worships her with concentration, proper order and speech. Such a Mother is Bandi; her glory is beyond understanding and limitless. She is the giver of milk and sons and rescues one from hardships. O Brother concentrating and reciting her name all sins are destroyed. Mother Bandi is the Mother of the three worlds. She recues one from troubles and is the giver of happiness to this world. Whose name is chanted by Lord Tripurari and whose Lilas number tens of millions, The person who meditates on Mother Bandi, his child becomes very strong. The person, who reads the Bandi Path gladly and attentively, that man by the power of Mother Bandi, travels across the ocean of worldly existence

. Whosoever is heavily in debt, should recite this katha completely. The glory of Mother Bandi is praise-worthy. The hardship of debt will be definitely be overcome. Whosoever reads or listens to the glory of the Bandi Path and is engrossed in it gets the Darshan of Mother Bandi. My words will not be futile. Lord Mahadeva has said “What more merits should I describe? Listen to this katha. The man who suffers from leprosy in all his eight limbs, that man should read this katha steadfastly. He should get the sacrifices performed by inviting Brahmins and the ashes thereof; he should take and smear his limbs with it. Every day he should meditate on Bandi mata by remembering and chanting her name his sins are destroyed. If a barren woman listens/reads this katha with a steadfast mind, Bhavani Devi definitely confers on her the boon of a child. One should meditate and listen to the Purana for one full month with an undisturbed mind. Definitely the barren woman will be blessed with a child.

Uncountable blind men have been saved at this very place and all their needs have been fulfilled as well. Praiseworthy is the glory of Bandi Devi whose praise should be listened to with concentration.”

A person should read the katha of Mother Bandi with a happy mind and taking an interest in it. Brings abundance of all kinds, whatever he asks for he will get.

Listen, O Damsel I recount the powers of Mother Bandi with description. The man who is a trader or a shopkeeper, that man should concentrate on this katha. In the early morning, he should concentrate his mind on this katha and then with all his mind, speech and deeds, he should run his shop. Mother Lakshmi comes there in her own form and sitting there he sells more goods. Mother Lakshmi comes to his place in abundance who reads this katha fixing his mind on it. Happy in mind, speech and action, he should fix his mind on this katha. If that man runs a shop, Lakshmi in abundance, comes there. Listen O Uma, I relate with explanation. Fixing your mind, listen to more kathas. There was a King, Kaushala Pati. He did not beget a son because of his karma. For full 12 months, he worshipped Lord Shiva and had performed many sacrifices. Then Lord Shankar said to the King, Goddess Bandi resides at Kashi. On going there you get engrossed in meditation. The goddess will be pleased and you would beget a meritorious son. Having heard this, the king along with his wife went where the mandapa of Mother Bandi was situated. Both the king and queen were determined to serve her. Then Mother Bhavani became pleased with them and said “O King ask and ask again with all your heart. I will fulfil your purposes in every way”. Then the king recited her eulogy. Riches and Lakshmi, all you have already given me. I have come here having heard your name and fame, O Mother Bandi if you are truly pleased with me, please gladden my heart. I am very unhappy without a son. O Mother please make me happy about that as well. When Mother Bandi became pleased, she bestowed a son to the king. Both the royal beings then, went back to their home. Soon a son was born to the king and queen. Brahmanas were reciting the Vedas in a resounding voice. Many talented people were dancing and singing. Unaccountable paupers were given donations. The king showered diamonds, rubies, topaz, jewels, garnets and all types of precious red stones jewels. All the paupers were blessed with them. When the son reached twelve years old, a thought came to the king’s mind. One should go and visit Mother Bhavani and perform worship to the Mother. Then the king said to the queen a happy thought has arisen in my mind. The queen, replied “Listen O King, have the darshan of Mother Bandi, O goddess of the land. Your words have appealed to my mind also because Mother Bandi is the one by who was pleased with us; we have begotten this beautiful boon as her favour”. When his son reached 12 years old, the king having thought this in his mind, the royal persons together went to the residence of Mother Bandi. The three of them went where the mandapa of Mother Bandi was. The king with all accompanying him availed of the Darshana of Mother Bandi. The king gave food to thousands of Brahmanas and performed auspicious rites of various types. He performed all sorts of joyous activities and with his entire mind, speech and actions gave charities to the poor.
“Bandi is such a goddess; she gave the boon of a son to the king. The king, queen and their son

then made their departure to their home. Hear another katha; I will relate the glory of Mother Bandi to you. Whenever there befalls misfortune on some person, he should act in accordance with Mother Bandi’s katha. Definitely he will be rescued from misfortunes”. Lord Mahadeva thus spoke having pondered well. O Brother, Mother Bandi’s katha should be read, concentrating on her katha. The sixty –four Yogini’s sing the mangala gheet. Bhutas and Pretas all beat the Tala. Whosoever in the three worlds chants her name all his desires are fulfilled. Japa and Tapa, both are not possible. Grasp this in order with your mind and words. Mother Bandi is such a Mother that her glory is unlimited. She is the bestower of milk and children and rescues one from adversity.

Once, a great surprise happened. Ahiravana kidnapped and carried away Lord Raam. He took Lord Ram to the 7th Patala , and having extended it, turned it into a yajnnashala. He devised to sacrifice Lord Raam. Then the Lord took Mother Bandi’s name and she appeared. But Mother Bandi took up a disguise and took 100 Yojanas of Patala. At that time, came Shree Hanuman and Shree Hanuman knew of this act. The son of Pavana who is the destroyer of pride began to think seriously. Ahiravana had become overjoyed at that time and he had a “Kund” amd made offerings into it. All the demons together decided that all our aims have been achieved.

Mother Bhavani has become pleased with you. Now you should perform worship as you like to. At these words, Ahiravana was overjoyed. Mother Bandi was he brought and placed rice grains sandalwood, food and delicious dishes. Shree Hanumanji sat down and ate to his fill. Ahiravana became very glad in his heart. Then Ahiravana sent his messengers there, telling them to bring over lots of delicious dishes. The joyful messengers went to the temple and speedily brought back delicious dishes. They arranged them in the central place. Shree Hanuman became invisible and had his meal. Sitting down, Shree Hanuman ate all the food with great interest and happiness. Ahiravana was pleased at this. Having fixed the time on the auspicious day, Lord Raam was bathed. Ahiravana felt great pleasure then and ordered them to bring Him over quickly. They placed a flower-garland on the chest of Lord Raam and then made Him stand at the sacrificial site. Ahiravana drew out his sword and stood at the head of the Lord. He spoke to the Lord, “You call whosoever to help You; otherwise the time of Your death has arrived. Do not delay now”. Then the Lord uttered the “Stuti” of Mother Bandi. At that very time, Mother Bandi came to the aid of the Lord. She came there roaring and blessed the Lord with her Darshana. Mother Bandi who rides the lion appeared there and gave support to Shree Raam in His time of hardship.

Lord Raam said, “O Mother Bandi, you have come to My aid, in My time of adversity”. Shree Hanuman then fought with Ahiravana and snatched Ahiravana’s own sword. Ahiravana tried to escape but the son of Murata threw him on the ground and holding him by the leg, rotated him in circles. He killed him along with Lakhan Sena. All this he could do because of the greatness of Mother Bandi.

Lord Raam said, “O Mother Bandi you came to My aid in the time of hardship.” Because of that Shree Hanuman devised so many tricks to kill these demons. Then Shree Ram and the devas sang Ma Bandi’s eulogies.

Hail, Hail and Hail yet again; the devas rained flowers over the Ahiloka. Lord Ram praised Mother Bandi, “O Devi you are praise worthy indeed. In such a time of adversity, you came and was helpful to Me. O goddess Bhavani; you are the rescuer of the world. You are the Adi Parameshwara; you yourself are the storehouse of good behaviour and merits”. So the Lord chanted Mother Bandi’s “Stuti” Mother Bandi riding the lion blessed everyone with her darshan.

This sacred katha I recounted with one consideration. The beautiful form in which the Kumari appeared there, the lustre of Mother Bandi is beyond description; her delicate body and her excessive beauty. A thin yellow garment was shining on her and sacred toe rings were ringing with a tinkling sound. In her hands she was carrying the Shankara (conch), Chakra (wheel) and Trishul (trident). Sixty four yoginis were accompanying Devi.

On seeing Devi, the Lord became overjoyed.
Mother Bandi gave her blessings. Shree Raam then prostrated to Mother Bandi. Shree Raghunath sang her praises and Mother Bandi gave Shree Raam her blessings. “All Your aims would be fulfilled. The son of Pavana would always be accompanying You. All Your troubles would be destroyed. If one acts accordingly he gets the results. At all the places, You would succeed definitely”. Having spoken like this, Mother Bandi then left to Mount Kailash. When Mother Durga went to her residence, there were the sounds of Hail in all the three worlds. Thirty three crores (33 x 10 million) of Devi’s and Devas all of them chanted the name of Adi Bhavani. Such a goddess is Mother Bandi; she always brings about the beneficial. After Mother Sharada had left to Mount Kailash, Sage Narada, with folded hands came in front of Raghunayaka; he then began to describe the merits of Mother Bandi.

“Listen O Lord, I relate with description the type of role that Mother Bhavani played there. At one time, when there was darkness all around, the demons appeared and caused massacres”.
“Day and night they were causing heavy disturbances. The devas went and fought fiercely. No religious preaching was held and the demons destroyed everything. Then all the devas jointly went to Lord Shiva and with folded hands requested Lord Shiva”

, “O Lord Shumbhu, please listen to our prayer. The demons are causing heavy disturbances. O Lord, please find some means by which all the demons can be destroyed. Otherwise, accommodate us at your own place, so that we would find refuge here and would always chant your name”. Then Lord Shiva said, “Listen devas; go and serve Mother Bandi. For sure she will destroy all the demons because whenever there is some adversity, there and then she comes to one’s rescue. Devi Jagadamba would immediately become pleased.

Go speedily do not delay” Then the whole crowd of devas departed to the residence where Adi Kumari resides. Without delaying, they riding in their vehicles went to Mother Bandi . The Devas excessively sang her praises,

“O Adi Kumari, you are blessed. Lord Shiva has sent us to you. Therefore we all have come here to kindly request your assistance”. All the Devas, chanted the name of Adi Bhavani. “O rescuer of the world, O destroyer of the demons, O goddess who fulfils all desires; come to our help now as we loudly call out to you O Devi. Rescue us from our hardships and save our army which tried to kill the demons. Do win all the battles for us”.

When the devas sang her “Stuti”, Mother Bandi gave her blessings to all of them. “Go to your palaces, O devas, do not get frightened. I will destroy the demons”. Having said this, her lion immediately came there Mother Bhavani changed into her terrible form. They came where there was a huge demon-army. Without delay, they approached Mother Bandi. From all sides they encircled all the paths. The magnificence of the demon-army cannot be described. Crores of demons became of one opinion. With the aim of fighting they went near Mother Bandi. Then Mother Bandi devised a way. She fabricated chariots which were illusionary. Establishing safeguards for 64 Yojanas, Kumari herself forced her way into the demon-army. At that moment, Mahishasura (The Buffalo-Demon) appeared there. He had brought a huge army with him and then heavy fighting broke out. The Kumari, who was riding the lion then fought back. The demons ran away with their mouths wide-open. The Kumari killed some with her trident and they fell dead on the ground. The war continued for three-Pahar (3/4th of a day). Streams of blood started to rain, the earth began to shake on all its four sides.

Mother Bandi was displaying her majestic valour. O Bharata, a very fierce battle was being fought. Crores of demons fell down dead on the ground. Mother Bandi felled them after killing them with her trishula (trident). It looked as if clouds were thundering in the sky. Mahishasura and the demons cried out. The demon, shouting all the time, started to run away. Then the Durga the one who rides a lion killed him.

At once Durga Devi cut off Mahishasura’s head. All the devas and sages started singing her “Stuti” . After cutting Mahishasura’s head she made a garland of heads. This garland was looking very beautiful on the chest of Mother Bandi. In this way, Mother Adi Kumari riding forth in the battle, seated on the lion, destroyed Mahishasura. All the devas were
singing her “Stuti” and they were chanting “Victory, victory”. Stuti

Hail Hail Hail to Mother Chandi, who is looking majestic in her ferocious form. She rides on the lion, and holds a dagger in her hand. Displaying the kalas she mesmerizes everybody. She killed Mahishasura and tore him apart. She loves to obliterate the existence of demons. After doing this, she becomes resplendent. Blessed be the queen of the three worlds, the dancing Adi Bhavani. The toe rings are ringing and its sound are very pleasant. The ringing anklets are graceful. O Mother, the protector of the world show mercy on us and destroy all snares of life. O Durga, give rest to us at your place and fulfil all desires rising in our minds. Such is the glory of Mother Bandi which is being sung by all the devas, the sages and human beings.

When Raktabija the king of the demons, heard this, he came there at once with his army. The drums sounded from all directions. The magnificence of the demon army is beyond description. Fierce battles started to take place.

The demons being called out one by one were killed. Then Mother Bandi threw her Trishul and killed lakhs of demons. When even a single drop of blood of Raktabija’s fell, crores of demons were born. Many days were past, when this battle was being fought. All the citizens of three worlds became full of fear. The earth was overwhelmed with demons. The army of the demons was beyond description. There was dense darkness and rain poured from the skies. O Bhavani please put on the form of Kalika. Kill the demons one by one. O Adi Kumari, please drink the blood of the demons. On hearing these words her mouth, full of teeth grew and at once Mother Bandi put on the form of Kali. When Mother Bandi became Mother Kali in form, she performed extraordinary deeds which became well known in the three worlds. She extended her head throughout the three worlds, and then this astounding event happened. Mother Bandi then spread out her tongue to bite the demons and became overjoyed drinking their blood. Then Raktabija rushed to the front and holding his dagger, he attacked Mother Bandi.

Then Mother Bandi devised a trick. In a moment she made the lion fight the demon. The lion killed him by attacking his chest he fell on the ground. In this way Mother Bandi destroyed Raktabija. The devas and the sages sanf her Stuti’s

Hail, Hail, Hail to Mother Kali, the intoxicated on whose chest the mundamala is looking graceful. Hail to the Ishwar and Parameshvari, the goddess is looking graceful riding the lion. Mother Karatangi holding her sword and attacking with it was roaming about. She killed Mahishasura and torn apart the demons, the chitrarangi (the multicoloured one) did not leave any demons alive. The supreme goddess is grace itself. Hail to Ambika Devi who is bestower of joy to her devotees.

Shumbha and Nishumbha received news of the destruction of the demons and immediately rushed to where Mother Bandi was. They remembered Raktabija and becoming very disturbed, rushed there.

The demons, excessively enraged attacked and roared very near to her. Then the demon army made a great show, all of them clapping and beating their thighs. Then Mother Bandi devised a means and rotated her chakra on all sides, holding it on her nail. She threw the chakra in the midst of the demon army and lakhs of fighters fell down within a second. The demons attacked from all the sides. One could not make out whether it was day or night. Shumbha and Nishumbha then rushed to fight Mother Bandi. Then Mother Bandi threw her trishula (trident) and in this way Adi Kumari who was riding on the lion in the battle, killed Shumbha and Nishumbha. J

agadamba, Jagajanani and Bhavani, thus Lord Brahma describing her chanted her Stuti. O protectress of people, Amba, Kali, you are so graceful even in your terrifying form. In your left hand there is a munda which is looking graceful; your form is fierce and frightening. With your right hand you have destroyed the demons; you are the Adishakti, the Parameshavari. You brought about the destruction of all the demons; hail, hail, hail to you O Mother, the ruler of the whole world. I

When this news reached Chanda and Munda they rushed to the battlefield in great anger. They summoned Viravana and said to Viravana “A woman had destroyed the demons therefore you accompany us both. They got killed by someone who was herself only woman. When Viravana received this order, he had his army summoned to his side. Then the demons, marched forth, taking with him his army of demons.

Viravana approached Mother Bandi. A fierce fight started and there was a destructive battle. The devas were frightened of the darkness. O Jagadamba, O Jagajanani, O Bhavani, come on the lion and kill the demons. In this way Viravana and the demon army was destroyed.

Chanda and Munda thought over it gravely. If we run away, limitless harm would come to us. They thought up many ideas in their minds. Going in front of her they prayed give us the charity of life, we would go back to our homes. Then Mother Bandi grabed her trishula and chopped off there heads.

Then all the sages and the devas chanted Devis Stuti’s and with folded hands,

Victory, Victory to the intoxicated one who is extremely powerful whose form is graceful, who is the supreme ruler. All Bhutas and Pretas are chanting and the Yoginis are singing auspicious songs. The sacred toe rings were ringing with a tinkling sound. All the devas, men and sages were rejoicing. The beauty of the crown of moon and kundalas was looking graceful and she was wearing a pitabara. Her eyes were shining and the words were sweet; she had destroyed crores of demons. O Maya who have destroyed Raktabija please now be merciful.

Lord Shiva and Sage Sanaka and others were asking for the boon which was freedom from fear, Lord Narayana was singing Mother Bandi’s merits as well.

When Sage Narada related this katha, Lord Raghunatha felt great pleasure. Praiseworthy is the glory of Mother Bandi by listening to her katha, ones delusions are diminished. Let us go where the sages have performed the puja. There is no one else like Mother Bandi. Sage Narada said to the Lord, O Raghunatha come speedily. She, whose name is Adi Bhavani, is the philanthropist in all the three worlds. She is the wife of of Lord Shiva who will definitely fulfil all your desires.

She will fulfil all your ambitions; now do not delay at all. O Lord, let us go speedily and see the feet of Mother Jagadamba. When Sage Narada spoke like this, the Lord became thrilled and engrossed in
affection. He had brought delicious dishes of various sorts and lots of fragrant flowers for offering. He arranged beautifully the “thali” filling it with gold. Then along with Lord Lord Krishna He departed for performing her Puja.

Lord Ram with Narada Muni went to Mount Kailash where Mother Sharada was residing. Then meditating with concentration of His mind, speech and deeds, He reached Mother Bandi’s place. The halo of grace at the site where Mother Sharada was staying was beyond description. That balcony was encrusted with jewels in which numerous pearls were interwoven. There the windows opening for viewing was constructed of crystal and there were numerous pillars of gold. Therein Mother Bandi resided and in all the four directions, the singing bees were indulging in playful antics. Praiseworthy is the glory of Mother Bandi and yet again praises her.

The behaviour towards her should be that like that of the Lord. Thrilled and overwhelmed with affection, the Lord performed her worship in accordance with various rites. Carrying the delicious dishes He placed them in front of her, with folded hands He entreated her. Mother Bhavani was pleased and thrilled and the bestower of boons, spoke these words. “O Gosain, I will grant whatever You ask of me, You have performed my worship with all Your mind and heart.” Then the Lord said, “Kindly listen, O Jagadamba, where stands my worship, O support of Lord Shiva, grant Me a boon which would bring about great well being. Mother Bhandi said you have served me in many ways. The desire of Your heart will be fulfilled O Ram, wherever adversity falls on You, there I will go and stand by You”. Having bowed the Lord then departed. The glory of Mother Bandi had a fond place in the heart of the Lord Ram. Whosoever reads it believing it to be true, in his heart, with him Mother Bhavani becomes pleased. While speaking, doing his work, if one concentrates with his mind on this katha, he will surely fulfil his heart felt desires.

A man should read the katha of Mother Bandi, with a glad heart and fixing his mind in it. By the powers of Mother Bandi that man is able to get across the the ocean of existence