Help Build our Temple

Get ready for a convenient Hindu Temple near you!

Imagine a fully functional temple near you. No more travelling to get to the venue. Imagine a place where your spiritual needs are met and taken care of by a traditionally trained Pundit. Think of it, just hop in your car and a short drive of fifteen or so minutes gets you there. A venue where you can have your wedding ceremonies, your traditional celebrations and where you can even learn authentic Yoga and all the wonders of what the genuine Hindu tradition brings.

With more and more of the Indian community moving to the north of Johannesburg, there is a very real need for a more convenient location. A location that can handle all of what you deserve and need from a temple.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to endless hours wasted travelling to distant locations. If you’re ready to have a well laid out and staffed temple that works for you and your family then we’ve got some great news. Because we’re currently working on building just such a temple. A place where we can all benefit from important services like family counselling, religious festivals, weddings and the complete Hindu spiritual education.

I want you to be part of this great work. So if you really want all this convenience and help, We really need you. Please put some spare cash towards making this incredible undertaking a reality. Make it something great.

Join us and be a part of something bigger than each of us alone can be. Something that makes all of us that much closer being what God really wants us to be. Let’s be great together. Let’s build our temple!

What is Daan?
In Sanskrit charity is called daan. The giver should give daan with a pure heart and the taker too should receive it with a glad heart.

What do Vedas say about Daan?
Helping those in need is the essence of daan. It could be one who is hungry, in need of knowledge, land or protection from danger. Feeding the hungry or teaching someone the Vedas are said to be the best types of daan.

How Should one feel which giving Daan?
When you give something to somebody you should feel extremely happy. That is true daan.

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