Seva / Charity work

Be Part of this incredible journey

As part of our Hindu experience we routinely join up and put our hearts and hands to work for the benefit of those less fortunate than us. I wish you could see the faces of people light up when they receive their food hampers.
I know you’d love the feeling it brings knowing that there are caring people out there, people who have the capacity to help out and bring joy to so many others. Its such a simple thing, but the rewards for all involved are so much greater for it. It’s through the generosity of caring people like you that makes this wonderful work possible.

Take a look for yourself.

Here are the hampers we regularly put together. All just waiting to bring a smile of relief for families in need.

Its always a proud moment when our team of volunteers gets together to make this generous dream a reality for the needy. Just a few more generous souls who are dedicated to making this wonderful journey through life more bearable for those who are not in such a great place right now.

You know it’s perfectly normal to feel sad sometimes, when things don’t go our way, but when I look around me at the amazing people who fill my life and contribute to making this charity work possible I’m always filled with hope for the future.

I often think how much more we could achieve if there were a few more people like these great souls to help. And that’s why I want to ask you today to be a valuable part of all of this. To share some of who you are and what you can spare to help those in a bad patch to realise that they’re not alone in this sometimes crazy life. That they’re not forgotten. That the physical and the spiritual are indeed one. But there’s only so much I can do alone. And that’s why I need you.
So become part of this great work and help with either your time or spare money. It doesn’t have to be a lot, because it all adds up. There are real people in this world who really need you.

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